Article 19.33: Prohibited Language

Section 33: Prohibited Language

Member Participant shall not indicate or imply in any manner that the Member Participant is a multiple listing service or broker listing cooperative, or that the consumer has access to or may search Member Participant’s applicable MLS. For example Member Participant shall not state that the consumer may “search the MLS”/”search the BLC” or “access the MLS”/”access the BLC,” or similar language. MLS GRID reserves the right to object to any Member Participant’s company name or domain name, if MLS GRID believes in its sole discretion the name used is confusingly similar to any name used in commerce by MLS GRID or its MLS members. MLS GRID similarly reserves the right to object to the use of any combination of the words “Multiple” (or “Multi”), “Listing” (or “List”), or “Service” (or “System”). Member Participants using prohibited language will not be granted access to MLS GRID Data for IDX display. (Updated 11/2020)