Article 19.06: Control and Branding

Section 6: Control and Branding

Any IDX display must be under the actual and apparent control of a single Member Participant who has executed a MLS GRID IDX Master Data License Agreement. Actual control means that the member Participant has either built the website for their own use with internal resources, or obtained technology for the website under an agreement with a Vendor that provides the Member Participant final control over the operations of the website. Additionally, “actual control” means the ability to add, delete, modify and update information as required by MLS GRID and their applicable MLS’s Governing Documents. Apparent control means that a reasonable consumer viewing the website would conclude that it is under the control of the Member Participant. The following are currently conclusively deemed to be evidence of apparent control: that the Member Participant’s branding is equal to or more prominent than that of any other entity, and that the domain name and branding on the website distinguish the Member Participant from non-participating firms, e.g., from other franchisees of the same franchise, if applicable. (Updated 11/2020)