Article 05.13: Withdrawal of Listing Prior To Expiration

Section 13: Withdrawal of Listing Prior To Expiration.

Listings may be withdrawn from Stellar MLS by the listing broker before the expiration date of the listing agreement if agreed to in writing by the listing broker and the owner(s) of record. A copy of the agreement must be available upon request by Stellar MLS. If the Participant determines that the proceeds which the owner(s) of record would reasonably expect to receive from the sale will not be sufficient to pay the compensation due to the Participant, then the contract may be terminated by the Participant upon three days written notice to the owner(s) of record. The owner(s) of record do not have the unilateral right to require the Stellar MLS to withdraw a listing without the listing broker’s concurrence. However, when the owner(s) of record can document that their exclusive relationship with the Listing Participant has been terminated; Stellar MLS may remove the listing at the request of the owner(s) of record.