Article 17 - Arbitration of Disputes

By becoming and remaining a Participant in Stellar MLS, each Participant agrees to arbitrate disputes involving contractual issues and questions, and specific non-contractual issues and questions defined in Standard of Practice 17-4 of the Code of Ethics with MLS Participants in different firms arising out of their relationships as MLS Participants, subject to the following qualifications.

A.   If all disputants are members of the same Association/Board of REALTORS® or have their principal place of business within the same Association/Boards territorial jurisdiction, they shall arbitrate pursuant to the procedures of that Association/Board of REALTORS®.

B.   If the disputants are members of different Associations/Boards of REALTORS® or if their principal place of business is located within the territorial jurisdiction of different Association/Boards of REALTORS®, they remain obligated to arbitrate in accordance with the procedures of the National Association of REALTORS®.