Article 06.01: Showing and Negotiations

Section 1: Showing and Negotiations

All dealings concerning property exclusively listed, or with buyers/tenants, who are exclusively represented, shall be carried on with the Listing Participant/ User, and not with the customer, except with the consent of the Listing Participant/User or when such dealings are initiated by the customers. Appointments for showing and negotiations with the owner(s) of record for the purchase of listed property filed with the Stellar MLS shall be conducted through the Listing Participant except under the following circumstances:

A. The Listing Participant/User gives the cooperating Participant/User specific written authority to show and/or negotiate directly, or;

B. If, after reasonable effort, the cooperating Participant/User cannot contact the Listing Participant/User, the Listing Participant, at their option, may preclude all further direct negotiations. Reasonable effort is defined as two days excluding weekends and federally recognized holidays after the cooperating Participant/User sends the Listing Participant a written request to show and/or negotiate the listing.

C. For purposes of this section, anything in writing which is transmitted or delivered by hand, facsimile or electronic means shall be deemed binding and sufficient.