Article 05.23: Auction Properties

Section 23: Auction Properties

The MLS accepts exclusively listed property that is subject to auction (Absolute Auction or Auction With Reserve) or Online Auction; however, any listing submitted is entered within the scope of the Listing Brokerage’s licensure and in accordance with all other requirements for listing input. Compensation must be offered as described in Article 9.2 of these rules. Any contact information, bidding website, if applicable, or any other details related to the auction shall only be included in the fields related to Auctions and also may be included in the “Realtor Only Remarks” field. When the listing broker receives knowledge that the sale of the listed property may be conditioned upon an Auction, then such disclosure must be made in the “Auction Y/N”, “Special Sale Provision“ and any other required auction fields. (Adopted 3/2015)-Updated 11/14/23