Article 04.04: Virtually Staged Photos

Virtual Staging shall not be used for Pre-Construction & Under Construction properties.

Disclosure of virtually-staged photo(s) is required in the specified field, namely the photo description entry field by adding the words “Virtually staged” and by checking the virtually staged field. Additionally, the first words of the public remarks must read “One or more photo(s) was virtually staged.”. Photos must always present a “True Picture” of the property.

Permitted Uses of Virtual Staging in the Service:

A) Modifying photo(s)/rendering(s) to include personal property items not conveyed with the real property is permitted. Permitted personal property modifications include but are not limited to: applying digital photos of furniture, mirrors, artwork, plants, etc. into a photo of a room.

B) Removing existing furniture from a photo and replacing it with digital images of furniture, mirrors, artwork, plants, etc.

C) Twilight photos are acceptable as long as lighting is not added where it does not exist and sunset/sunrise is a true reflection of where the sun rises and sets

Prohibited Uses of Virtual Staging in the Service:

A) No photos of the exterior of the property shall be virtually staged, except for unattached furniture or décor. ​

B) No permanent fixtures of the interior or exterior of the property shall be attached, removed, altered or added to photos.

C) Modifying photo(s)/rendering(s) to include visual elements not within a property owner’s control is strictly prohibited. (example: editing in a view of the gulf/ocean, lighting and/or popular landmarks that are not physically possible from the specified location in the real world.)

D) Modifying photo(s)/rendering(s) to exclude negative visual elements is strictly prohibited. (example: holes in the wall, exposed wiring, damaged flooring, etc.)

E) No branding is permitted. The use of people or persons and/or words on any property photograph submitted to the Service is strictly prohibited.

F) Modifying photo(s) / rendering(s) to distort the dimensions of a room or space is strictly prohibited. (example: placing small furniture to make a room appear larger than it actually is.)

All photos must represent a true and accurate picture of all property features and surroundings.

Failure to comply with Virtual Staging Rules and Regulations shall result in the Virtual Staged photos being removed from the service, and an automatic fine as outlined in the Automatic Fine Schedule, Level I (See Article 11/Section 4.3) (Amended 1/2021).

Definition: Virtual Staging is defined as using a photo editing software to create a photo or conceptual rendering of what the interior room(s)and/or interior of the property could look like, if it was staged or lived in.