Article 20.07

A. Subject to subsection (b), a Participant’s VOW may allow third-parties:

  1. To write comments or reviews about particular listings or display a hyperlink to such comments or reviews in immediate conjunction with particular listings, or
  2. Display an automated estimate of the market value of the listing (or hyperlink to such estimate) in immediate conjunction with the listing

B. Notwithstanding the foregoing, at the request of owner(s) of record the Participant shall disable or discontinue either or both of those features described in subsection (a) as to any listing of the owner(s) of record. The listing broker or agent shall communicate to the MLS that the owner(s) of record has elected to have one or both of these features disabled or discontinued on all Participants’ websites. Subject to the foregoing and to Section 8, a Participant’s VOW may communicate the Participant’s professional judgment concerning any listing.  A Participant’s VOW may notify its customers that a particular feature has been disabled “at the request of the owner(s) of record.”